Rejection Sucks!

I understand that rejection is part of the writing/publishing process, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy to take. Particularly when you make a step forward, but then are pushed back again. I mentioned in a recent post that I’d made it one step closer when a publisher and an agent requested the full manuscript. The agent emailed with positive words and indicated she’d passed it on to another agent for review as well. Yea!

But then this week I got the dreaded, “no thank you” email. Waaaa! The email was positive overall. She called the book a “page turner” and said there were “strong elements to the narrative”. She said it was “very good” but apparently it wasn’t “great”. She suggested I up the intimacy between Jack and Tess and turn it into a romance novel. The problem with that idea is that I already have two drafts of additional books about Jack and Tess. Romances don’t do series, so it wouldn’t work. At least I haven’t seen a romance series that wasn’t also a mystery series.

The book is still with a publisher and while I know I can still get a ‘no’, I’m keeping my fingers crossed for a ‘yes’.

Have you gotten a rejection? I’d love to hear your tips for dealing with it!