One Step Closer

As I wrote in my previous post, waiting is hard to do. But, today I heard back from a potential agent. This woman has been sooooo great.

I first sent the query through the submission form on her website about a week before Christmas. I got an automatic message that the submission was received. In the beginning of February, I couldn’t wait any longer, so I emailed asking if she got the submission. Turns out it got lost or didn’t go through after all. So I sent my short pitch and few chapters. A week later I got an email in which she apologized for the delay and indicated she’d get to it soon.

I emailed back thanking her for the update. By then I had a publisher ask for the full manuscript, so I mentioned it to the agent, who then wrote back and asked for the full manuscript as well. That was February 15. Today I received an email in which she wrote, “Just to keep you posted, I thoroughly enjoyed your manuscript so I passed it along to a coworker to get another read. We’ll have an answer for you as soon as possible.”

I know that it could still be “no”, but each little step closer is exciting. And it’s validating. I love my story. My mom and sister like my story. But let’s face it, what we think doesn’t count. When an agent says she liked it, that tells me I might be able to do this writing thing after all.

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