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  1. Debi

    You have just discovered the TV Show “Castle” — wow!! It’s an awesome show and one of my favorites. I came across Richard Castle’s books accidentally early last year and I bought all of them and am on his newsletter so when other books come out I know all about it. The books are great, too. Another one that I like is “Monk” and I have read books about him, too although it’s nothing like “Castle” but I like his idiosyncrasies of his character.

    BTW: I love your books, too and am waiting for new ones to come out.


    • JHarte

      Hi Debi – Thank you for your post (and review on Amazon). BTW, book two in the Valentine series is out. It’s called Old Flames Never Die (released in Dec.). And I’m working on book three, which I most excited about, With This Ring, I Thee Kill. My goal is a Valentine’s day release.

      I know I’m a little late to discover Castle, but it’s just the type of show I like. I’ve picked up the first Castle Book (Heat Wave) and it’s fun to read knowing the TV show and who the characters are based on. I used to watch Monk, and whenever anyone in my family shows any OCD tendencies I say it’s their inner-Monk:)


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