Book Three in the Valentine Series is Done…Sort Of

Although books one and two are not published, I have completed book three in the Valentine series. Granted, it’s a first draft only. There is still much to add and probably even more to cut. But the foundation is there.

So far the only book ready for publishing is book one, Deadly Valentine, although I keep thinking of things to add or cut. Still, if one of the agents that I have sent a pitch to responded with “Send me the book”, I’d have no trouble sending it to them.

Book two, Old Flames Never Die, is in it’s first draft form as well. After finishing book three, I determined it was time to edit book two. Boy does it need work!! But again, the bones are there. I just need to flesh it out.

Although much work is needed, I’m proud that I’ve completed three full-length novels. I’ve written over 200,000 words…over 600 pages.

I’m still vacillating on whether or not I want to self-publish or not. I suppose I’m hoping one of those four agents that have my pitch will help me make the decision (preferably by wanting to represent me).

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