Beta Readers Needed!

I’m still debating the self-publish and traditional publish (assuming I could traditionally publish) route. But wanting to keep both options open, I’ve decided that I need to vet the first book with readers beyond my mom and sister. While I value their opinion, I suspect they are biased. So I’m on the lookout for people who enjoy reading mysteries (light, like cozies) that involve a little romance including some light behind closed-doors scenes (more than cozies, less than Nora Roberts). If you’re not sure whether you want to beta read, you can read and excerpt of Deadly Valentine here. If you like what’s there and want to read more, sign up to be a reader*:

1) Subscribe to the email list to the right. Click the box that says, “I want to be a beta reader.”

2) Confirm your subscription. You will automatically receive the first eight chapters of the book.

3) Watch your email for information about the beta reading program and how to get the rest of the book.

4) Please contact me through this site or by hitting reply to my email with feedback on what you love, hate, suggest or other ideas you have for the book.

* Reader will be asked to answer a short 3-question survey to insure that the Valentine mysteries are a good fit for your reading preference. While I want all feedback I can get, if you’re expecting a full-blown romance (ala Nora Robers) or a hard-boiled detective novel, you probably won’t like the Valentine mysteries.

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2 Responses to Beta Readers Needed!

  1. Robyn Blackburn says:

    I’m always finding myself catching the little mistakes in books other people miss and someone told me I should try being a beta reader since I love reading so much. This is the first book I have found That caught my eye though. I would love to read your book and give you my insight.

    Thanks for your time,
    Robyn Blackburn

    • JHarte says:

      Hi Robyn, Thank you for volunteering. I’ll add your name to my beta reader list. I have book two of the Valentine Mysteries about completed. Its been beta read in sections, but will need readers to read in it’s entirety. Thank you again!

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