Ten Commandments of Writing

I’m nearing the end of NaNoWriMo with less than 13,000 words to go to reach the 50,000 mark in the fifth Valentine book. I’m psyched at how easy it’s been and yet, I feel like at anytime I’ll get stuck. I know whodunnit, but I haven’t determined the clues that give it away yet. Even so, one thing I often forget  is that the more I write, the more inspired and creative I am. It’s true that the muse doesn’t show up first. I have to show up first and trust that the muse will show up…and she nearly always does.  In fact, I’ve learned many rules through NaNoWriMo and the process of getting published. Here are the 10 Commandments I believe are crucial to writing success.

1. You shall write daily.

2. You shall not steal other people’s words.

3. You shall honor your talent by believing in it.

4. You shall write what you love.

5. You shall edit… a lot.

6. You shalt not be hindered by rejection.

7.  You shall show gratitude towards those who support your writing.

8. You shall honor your craft by reading.

9. You shall not express envy toward other writers.

10. You shall always be learning about your craft.

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2 Responses to Ten Commandments of Writing

  1. Areli says:

    I agree with most except #6 as it stndas. Rather I see this as Don’t cry rivers and freeze up if your first idea fails, just jump on the horse again and do something else. It’s not constructive to think your idea will actually fail, even if it might. It’s about not getting too affected by it, and be quick changing the course and get on with new things. If you are lucky no one will even notice (I’ve done that a few times).I’ve seen many hang on to commercially or technically unsound ideas long after expiration date, out of pride (their idea) or lack of reality-checking abilities (I’ve admittedly done that too).

    • JHarte says:

      Perhaps we need 11 commandments as your suggestion is good too! Tweaking and sometimes letting go of ideas can be important as well. Thank you for posting!

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