Valentines, Vampires and More…Oh My

I’ve been getting comments and emails about whether or not the Valentine series is over. I can see why some might think that, but I have many stories about Tess and Jack left to tell. In fact, I’ve just started the next installment.

Deadly Valentine (book one in the Valentine series) has made it to the quarter-final round in Amazon’s Breakthrough Novel Contest. The book is now competing with 100 other books to reach the Semi-final (top five books) in it’s category. Editors from Publisher’s Weekly are doing the judging and critiquing this round. I’ll be curious to find out what they think.

My romance novel is with an editor at Harlequin. Last month, she was intrigued enough by the first few chapters to request the entire manuscript. My fingers are crossed that she’ll buy it. I’ve been thinking that if she does, she might ask for other books in the works that would fit the line, since many Harlequin authors write multiple books. I do have some ideas for the female protagonist’s brother and friend. Perhaps I should flesh those stories out … just in case.

Last October, my writers group had a challenge to write a scary story for Halloween, which I wasn’t able to complete, but I did come up with a paranormal novel idea. Right now I’m doing a lot of research on vampire folklore in Eastern Europe. It’s very interesting and in some ways very different from the Dracula and other vampire characteristics we accept as the norm.

I want to thank you for supporting me through this new adventure in my life. It is thrilling that there are people who find enjoyment in the stories and characters I write. And I appreciate, beyond measure, the kind comments and reviews you have given. Thank you!

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