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I know I’ve been quiet around here lately, but that doesn’t mean I’m not working on new stories. I had intended to write a Halloween-related to story for Jack and Tess, but then a different story popped into my head and I’ve been slowly but surely getting it down. There are only 13,000 words so far, but that’s nearly a quarter of a full-length novel. Tentatively titled, “Til Death Do Us Part,” the story involves another old friend of Jack’s, a movie set and, of course, murder.

I’m still waiting to hear back on the book I sent to Harlequin. In November, I won a spot to do an online pitch, and on a lark decided I’d pitch a romance I had sitting on my computer. The editor asked for three chapters and then back in February, she asked for the entire book. I can’t decide if/when I should email and ask for an update. It’s one of those situations in which you want to know the outcome if it’s good news, but not if it’s bad news.

I also read at the Harlequin forum that if editors want to buy a book, they ask about other books the author has. I don’t have anything that fits the line at this point. So I’ve been working on a synopsis and first few chapters of a sequel to the book I sent…just in case Harlequin wants to buy the first book. I’ve never written a synopsis before having plotted and written the book. And since so much of the story comes out while I’m writing, I can’t be sure that the story will stick to the synopsis. But I want to have something to share, if/when Harlequin wants to buy Southern Comfort.

I put the second Delecoeur story on hold for now, which bums me, but I can only write so much at one time. I wanted to blog a prequel story for them too, but I haven’t managed that yet. And interestingly, I have a vampire-type story rattling around in my head. I’m not sure yet if it’s an adult or YA story yet. But you can bet there is romance! Finally, I have a time-travel YA idea if I can only figure out the rules. I’ve picked up a book on time travel for writers to help me.

I want to thank everyone who has read the books and to all the readers who have left a review and/or started following me here, on Twitter or Facebook. Your feedback and encouragement is what keeps me going.

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