A Writer’s Epiphany

I’m a writer, but I spend most of my day blogging and freelance writing about things like belly fat and careers. My dream is to spend my days writing about love and murder. Along with a host of book ideas for the Valentines and Delecoeurs, I have a time-travel book idea and even a paranormal book idea. But more often than not, my fiction writing gets set aside for my “real” work.

I was reading a book the other day related to success and goal setting, and I had an epiphany. People tend to gravitate toward that which they focus on. So if fiction writing is important, I need to focus on it. Shoving it aside, day after day isn’t giving it the priority it needs to move me toward my goal. So, for the month of May, I’ve decided that not only will I write fiction every day, but I’ll do it first thing in the morning. The idea is that by putting it first in my day, I’m giving it importance.

So, for the last seven days, I’ve worked on book 4 of the Valentine series every morning. Most mornings I get 500 to 600 words, but I wrote only 73, Still, in the last week, I’ve written a total of 4,100 words, which doesn’t sound like much, but it’s 4,100 more than I would have had. Even better, I’ve still been able to get all my other work done.

My hope is that by putting my fiction writing first, it will grow, books will sell and I’ll be able to focus most of my time and energy on love and murder and not on belly fat.