So Much to Write, So Little Time

I’m very excited about the initial interest in Deadly Valentine and Endangered. Feedback has been positive, especially for Endangered, which is a different kind of romantic mystery. Instead of coming together during the story or rediscovering their love, the Delecoeurs are 100% in love and committed. I was wondering if readers would find a story in which the conflict rests completely on the circumstances — someone is out to kill Madeleine — and not on what will happen to the relationship interesting. So far, people have found it “refreshing” and are asking for the next story.

This brings a new, yet welcome problem…what to focus on publishing next. I’m eager for Microsoft or Apple or some other tech company to invent a gadget that will allow me to plug my brain directly into my computer. This gadget would make it fast to get my ideas downs and first drafts written. I have no shortage of stories for Max and Madeleine, Tess and Jack, and even new characters that aren’t published. But there is only so much time in the day and currently, my fiction writing is second to my ‘making  a living writing’. Then there is the question of what do I work on first? Do I write the new Delecoeur mystery or do I edit the next Valentine books, which are on their fourth edits? Can I do both? These are questions I’m grappling with as move from a writing hobbiest to professional writer. Perhaps I need to ask you the reader…which story do you want to see next? Delecoeur or Old Flames Never Die – Valentine Book 2?

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  1. I think you are not a wannabe, you really write well with this post. I am just a wannabe in this field.I do hope I can have my own blog someday. Hope I can get back to you soon and ask some advices.

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