Great Romantic Couples – Jonathan and Jennifer Hart

Back in January, I wrote about Nick and Nora Charles of The Thin Man in the Great Romantic Couple series. My next great romantic couple is Jonathan and Jennifer Hart, who were an 80’s version of Nick and Nora. Jonathan and Jennifer were the main characters of Hart To Hart, which ran from 1979 to 1984 as a weekly TV series. When the show was unexpectedly cancelled, the stars, Robert Wagner and Stefanie Powers, continued to work together in the play Love Letters and were able to eventually re-invent Hart to Hart as a two-hour movie series in the 1990’s. After eight movies, the Harts were finally retired from TV, but not from the hearts of its fans who continue to talk about, write fan fiction and share DVDs created from home-made VHS recordings of the show (only seasons one and two and movies are for sale on DVD ).

The Harts depict the happily ever after die-hard romantics love. They are rich, beautiful and deeply in love.  The actors have said in interviews that there were attempts by writers to create angst in the marriage with roving eyes and infidelity, but both were adamant that the Harts were 100 percent committed to each other. Thank goodness because that is what made the Harts a great romantic couple. Jonathan never questioned Jennifer when it appeared she’d become a thief. Jennifer never question Jonathan’s fidelity when evidence suggested he might be having an affair…twice. That’s the kind of love, trust and commitment true romantics love.

Like their predecessors Nick and Nora, the Harts also were a fun couple who bantered and played. Oh, and they also solved crime, although any die-hard Hart fans will tell you that the plots were less important than watching the relationship. The Harts had the perfect relationship, so it’s no surprise that they won in my survey of favorite romantic couples (as of 2/26/13).

If you’ve never seen the Harts, but are a die-hard romantic, it’s worth checking out the show. Season one in particular had the banter and fun reminiscent of The Thin Man. But all seasons have their share of love, romance and mayhem.

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