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Who doesn’t like free stuff? If you like free ebooks, especially those involving romance and mystery, I’ve got several for you.

Deadly Valentine

Deadly Valentine: Valentine Mystery Book 1
“Written with precision and care, this intriguing romance/murder mystery is a fun read that will keep readers guessing until the very end.” – Publisher’s Weekly

Tess Madison walked away from her two-timing fiancé, a multi-million dollar trust fund and a cushy corporate law job to pursue the single life indulging in chocolate and fancy French underwear. But her newly reordered life comes unraveled when she reluctantly accepts an invitation to a dinner party and stumbles upon the host’s dead body and into the arms of the sexy, blue-green eyed Jack Valentine. As romance grows, so too does Tess and Jack’s propensity to get into trouble.

If you like romance mixed with your mystery, the Valentine Mysteries are for you.

You can get Deadly Valentine free in mobi (Kindle) or epub for free through my newsletter. You can sign up here or use the form to the right.

Worth the Risk

I’m updating and expanding the first Delecoeur story, Worth the Risk. I’m posting it as I’m doing it at Wattpad. Please check it out and let me know what you think by rating and leaving at comment at Wattpad.

Description of Worth the Risk a Romantic Adventure

There isn’t a woman in the world who wouldn’t want to get up close and personal with sexy, self-made millionaire bachelor, Max Delecoeur. Everyone woman except me. I know all too well about men like Max; rich, arrogant and willing to do anything and hurt anyone to achieve profits.

I’ll admit, initially I was amused at Madeleine Hainsworth’s dislike of me, until she accused me of business practices that involve child labor. Growing up in foster care, I’ve spent a good amount of my time and wealth on improving the plight of children.

Together, Max and Madeleine put their lives in danger as they trek through the jungle to expose child labor abuse, but as attraction and respect draw them together, will a chance at love be worth the risk?

Read it at Wattpad.


Destined Forever

destined-foreverSome loves are meant to be. If you love second chance love stories as much as I do, and you’re looking for a quick romantic read, you’ll want to grab a copy for Destined Forever. Currently, this book is only available to SweetHartes…a thank you for all the wonderful support they give.

Matthew and Grace never wanted to say goodbye, but the weren’t able to make their love work. Seven years later, they meet again and the love they thought they’d gotten over roars to life again. Now that they know what they’ve lost, can they overcome what tore them apart the first time, so they can have a love that is destined forever.



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