Writing Inspiration from Nora Roberts

Over the weekend I watched a few Youtube interviews of Nora Roberts (I’m a big fan of the J.D. Robb books) because I think her writing pace and story telling are awesome. It made me think of a research project I’d done for a short book about her and the inspiring quotes I’d discovered. Here are couple I saved:

I love this comment about writing love and murder:

“It’s just as much fun to murder someone off as to marry them off.” Houston Chronicle

With 200 books, I’m not sure anyone has as many stories rattling around in their head as Roberts, but I know I have quite a few and would love to be able to start writing and just keep going:

“I always have stories running around in my head. Once I start putting them down on paper, I just keep going; I just keep writing.” Book Reporter.

This one is posted at my computer! When asked by Claire E. White at Writers Write about how she writes love scenes, Roberts said

“Exactly the same way I approach writing any other scene. Action, reaction, motivation, emotion, all have to come from the characters. Writing a love scene requires the same elements from the writer as any other.”

In the end, writers write:

“You’re going to be unemployed if you really think you just have to sit around and wait for the muse to land on your shoulder. That’s not the way I work. I build a story.” WTOP.


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