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Altered by Kelly Cain
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I’m not normally a NA reader, mostly because I keep forgetting the characters are in their early 20s and do things that annoy me. But I’ve been working on expanding my horizons and when Kelly offered me an advanced copy of the book, I wanted to give it read.

Liv is an interesting character, but like most of the books I read, it’s the romantic male lead that I’m drawn to. In most books, they’re handsome, in your face alpha males. Interestingly enough, Nicolas isn’t any of that, at least not initially. In fact, I don’t think anyone would cast him as a romantic lead. He’s bearded, scruffy, and prefers to keep to himself. He’s 18 years old in law school, making some of his classmates think he’s brilliant, but in a Rainman sort of way, so they brush him off as odd.

Of course, there’s so much more to him. And while Liv can be annoying (she’s only 23…I remind myself), she does see past his attempts to hide. At first becoming his friend, and then later, as happens in romance, after a little angst, his love.

The age difference was a little strange at first, but then I reminded myself, any kid who’s in law school at 18 is mature beyond his years and as the couple gets older, the difference is less of a big deal. When she’s 35, he’ll be 30, and that’s not so odd. The truth is, you forget the difference when it’s not brought up.

Over all I enjoyed the book and think anyone who enjoys NA will get a kick out of Liv, her friends, and of course Nicolas.

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