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Southern Heat All In One

Southern Heat Romance Series by Jenna Harte

It’s here! You can now buy all three Southern Heat books, Drawn to Her, Meant to Be, and Wed to You, in one complete set!

Come enter the world of Charlotte Tavern, Virginia, where romance is as hot and steamy as the Piedmont region. Meet the pixie-like Lexie McKenna, and discover why Drake can’t help but be Drawn to Her. Find out if Lexie’s brother, Detective Mitch McKenna, can ever learn to trust Dr. Sydney Preston to share a love that was Meant to Be. Then, root for Lexie and Mitch’s long-time friend, Chelsea Beemer, as she helps a broken Jagger Talbot fight to retain custody of 5-year old Kaden through a marriage of convenience in Wed to You.

Don’t worry about buying each individually, because now you can grab all three (for less than buying them individually) in a single ebook boxed set at your favorite online retailer:


Barnes and Noble


Drawn to Her

Drawn to Her: Southern Heat Book OneIn Drawn to Her, Feisty and outspoken, Lexie McKenna will do anything to protect her cantankerous and ailing patient—even if it means going up against his cold and calculating, but sexy and irresistible, grandson. After all, as a nurse, her number one priority is her patient.

Sample of 5-Star Reviews on Amazon:

I really enjoyed reading this book. I finished it in two days, I just couldn’t put it down. I thoroughly recommend this book to anyone who wants a good love story! I was given a free copy of the book for an honest review. ~ Julie

This book is a must read. The story has a great story line and the characters have a real feel to them that you can relate to. ~ Marian



Meant to Be

Meant to Be, by Jenna HarteIn Meant to Be, charming and sexy, detective Mitch McKenna lets women into his bed—not into his heart. When his first love left him in a lurch, crushing his soul, Mitch swore off relationships and love. After all, any woman who chooses what her parents want over what she wants is not worth fighting for.
Or is she?

Successful New York doctor, Sydney Preston left the only man she ever loved to follow the path that her parents paved for her. When a tragic incident at the hospital threatens her life, Sydney moves to Virginia to rekindle the spark with her ex-fiancé. But Mitch isn’t interested in reigniting the flame that fizzled out long ago. Will they both allow resentments and misunderstanding spoil their chance of discovering what was meant to be?

Sample of 5-Star Reviews on Amazon:

This is the first book that I’ve read by this author, and OMG did I ever LOVE IT! ~ Jennifer

The writing was excellent, and the pacing of the story really kept me engaged. I couldn’t put the book down and am so excited for book 3! ~ Kerry

Wed to You

Wed to You by Jenna HarteIn Wed to You, irresistible playboy, Jagger Talbot left his flashy life in New York to properly take care of Kaden, a little boy he vowed to raise, gaining custody when the Kaden’s father died and his mother ran off with another man. Starting over in Virginia seemed like the perfect beginning. But when the boy’s mother comes back, clean and sober, fighting for custody, Jagger knows he needs a miracle to prove he’s what the child needs.

That miracle is Chelsea Beemer, sweet, perky kindergarten teacher. Down and out, and no stranger to tragedy, Chelsea is on the verge of losing her family home. She’d do anything to save the house—and herself—even marry the sexy playboy. Now it’s up to them to “play house” and convince everyone that they have perfect little family. But are any of them really pretending?

Sample of 5-Star Reviews on Amazon:

Wed to You was absolutely amazing and I thoroughly enjoyed it. ~ PL

This is the third book from Jenna Harte’s Southern Heat series and it is fantastic. In fact, it was so good that I read it from cover to cover in less than a day. ~ LJT


Don’t wait… grab Southern Heat Boxed Set now!


Barnes and Noble


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Win Lindt Chocolate!

Jenna Valentine Givaway 2016

I’m convinced that chocolate is one of the major food groups, which is why I spent over $40 yesterday at the Lindt store! Admittedly, some of the chocolate I’ve kept, but I’m giving away three Lindt packages during February’s SweetHarte giveaway.

What Can You Win?
heart A package of 25 Lindt milk chocolate truffles.

heart A package of  approximately 12 Lindt milk chocolate truffles

heart 10 Lindt chocolate hearts.

heartA $10 Amazon gift card

That means you have 4 chances to win something this month.

How do you win?

First, join the SweetHarte group at Facebook. SweetHartes get special access to free stuff, previews, and more. My only request for being a part of the SweetHarte group is that you help spread the word about my books.

Second, I or my assistant Melissa will be posting things you can share on social media (Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest etc). You can share as much or as little. You can share other items I post on Twitter or Facebook. When you share, use the hashtag #Sweetharte and post in the SweetHarte group that you shared something, and you’ll receive an entry. The more shares that do and tell us about, the more chances you have to win.

This giveaway is open to U.S. residents 18 years or older only. Winners will be picked through random drawing on February 14, 2016. Winners will need to provide their mailing address within 48 hours of win notification to receive their prize.

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Death Under the Mistletoe: A Valentine Christmas Mystery… FREE

You know that saying, “when it rains, it pours?” That seems to be my life lately. Just when I think I’ve got myself organized to get everything done, something new is added. Between that, and a struggle to pace my work, I’ve running around like a mad woman.

I just turned in a draft of Southern Persuasion, book two of the Southern Heat series for review by my agent.  It’s a bad draft. I’m hoping my agent will be gentle. I’m expecting the copy edits on the first book, Southern Comfort, sometime this week. The three-book romance series will be released in 2016 by Penner Publishing.

Death Under the Mistletoe: A Valentine Christmas MysteryDespite all the chaos and busyness, I fulfilled my promise to release a Valentine story by Christmas. As a thank you to everyone who has been a fan of the Valentines, Death Under the Mistletoe: A Valentine Christmas Mystery (novella) is free. It’s available in .mobi (Kindle) and .pdf over in the SweetHarte group at Facebook. If you’re not yet a member, join and you’ll find the book under the “Files” tab. There’s no cost to join the group. You’ll get some freebies, heads up on new releases, behind the scenes info about the Valentines and other books, plus I frequently ask for help and feedback.

The novella will be available shortly at Amazon.

Description of Death Under the Mistletoe

Tess is excited to spend her first Christmas with her sexy husband, Jack Valentine, that is until the mall Santa staggers in her shop and drops dead underneath the mistletoe on Christmas Eve. There’s no shortage of suspects who wanted Santa dead. Was it his jealous elves? His estranged wife?  The in-laws who never thought Santa was good enough for their daughter? Or the neighbor who secretly coveted Santa’s wife? Although Tess and Jack are happy to let Detective Daniel Showalter deal with the case, somehow the newlyweds end up a target of Santa’s killer who plans to make sure Jack and Tess never celebrate Christmas.

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A Valentine for You

Valentine Mystery Series

Valentine’s Day is a big deal around here. And to celebrate, I’ve got freebies, discounts and a giveaway!!!


Starting Feb. 11 until Feb. 14, Deadly Valentine, the first book in the Valentine Mystery series is free on Kindle. Don’t have a Kindle? That’s okay. You can get the Kindle app free for your computer, tablet or phone.


Starting February 12 until Feb. 14, the three other Valentine Mystery books are on a countdown deal. You can get each for $0.99 on Feb. 12. The price will go up each day until Feb. 14. So grab ’em while they’re cheap!


Lingerie and chocolate feature in all the Valentine books. You can win a $50 gift certificate to Victoria Secret or Lindt Chocolate in my Valentine giveaway. Visit my giveaway page to learn more and enter! It’s easy and free!

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Valentine Mysteries on Special this Holiday Weekend!

Valentine Mystery Series

The 4th of July is mostly known for hotdogs, ice cream and fireworks, but like any other form of summer fun, reading is often involved as well. If you’re looking for romance and mystery this holiday weekend, pick up all four of the Valentine books, on special this weekend.

July 3 through July 5 get Deadly Valentine for free!

July 4th through July 6 get Old Flames Never Die on sale starting at $0.99 cents on Friday (this is a countdown deal so the price will go up each day).

July 5th through July 7 get With This Ring, I Thee Kill on sale starting at $0.99 cents on Saturday (this is a countdown deal so the price will go up each day).

July 8 through July 8 get ‘Til Death Do Us Part on sale starting at $0.99 cents on Sunday (this is a countdown deal so the price will go up each day).

Have a wonderful, safe Fourth of July!

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