Traditional or Self-Publish?

I’ve sent out a handful of pitches to agents. So far only one has emailed back saying, “No thanks.” I’m no stranger to publishing so I know I need to accept rejection as part of the deal in traditional publishing. But with ebooks going like gang busters and hearing so many stories of self-publishers who are making great money selling their books directly through Kindle and Nook, I’m seriously wondering if maybe I should do that.

I’m not sure I could get it out in time for Valentine’s Day, which would be perfect because book one ends on Valentine’s Day. But I’m sure I could get it out sooner than if I went through traditional publishing. I’ve actually already made a cover. It’s not perfect yet. And I’m not sure it really fits the mood of the book. Deadly Valentine is a murder mystery, but it’s lighthearted and romantic. This cover says “serious” to me. If you’ve read the excerpts and have an opinion, let me know. I’m on the hunt for good graphics to make a different cover. Perhaps I’ll have a poll to see which you think will be best.

As I finish this post, it almost sounds as if I’ve made up my mind to self-publish. I’ve determined that I’m going to work towards that (formatting, editing and cover design take time), and if one of the agent’s I’ve contacted me are interested in the book in the meantime, then I’ll pursue that route. If not, and all the agents say “no”, my fall-back route will be ready.

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