Celebrity In Death – A Review

After 34 In Death books (not including compilations and novellas), one might think the characters are old and the stories a little too formulaic, but J.D. Robb (aka Nora Roberts) somehow continues to deliver. Celebrity In Death surrounds the movie adaptation of Nadine Furst’s book about the Icove case. As usual, Eve finds the whole situation annoying and creepy, while Peabody is taken with the celebrity. But, when the unlikable actress playing Peabody is found dead in a pool during a party, Eve and Peabody have to investigate the murder.

Celebrity in Death steps back from all the drama and angst that occurred in New York to Dallas, but doesn’t spare the banter and sexiness particularly between Eve and her billionaire husband Rourke. While it’s not the best book in the series or a place to start if you’ve never read the books (you absolutely need to start at the beginning with Naked in Death (In Death, Book 1)), the book is still good, albeit predictable. For me, the books are all about Eve, Rourke and the other characters. The mystery and mayhem is secondary. And for that reason, I have enjoyed all the books.