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Jenna Harte Beta Reader Review

Do you like to receive free advanced copies of books? Are you able to identify issues in a story’s plot? Can you give constructive criticism? If so, perhaps you’d like to become a beta reader reviewer!

What does a beta reader do?

A beta reader helps me identify any issues in a story before it’s published. This can include continuity errors, characterization issues, plot holes, etc. To do that, a beta reader receives a copy of the manuscript (usually before it’s been edited…so its pretty rough), and reads it to provide feedback. While finding grammar and other errors is helpful, my primary need is feedback on the story and any glaring issues (i.e. using a different name for the same person, wrong day of the week, etc).

Along with providing story help, beta readers also provide reviews when the book is published.

Is the book really free?

Yes, the manuscript is given to you for free, BUT there is an expectation that you’ll read it and provide feedback. Further, I ask my beta readers to provide reviews of the book when it’s ready to publish.

strong>Is there any special qualifications?
You don’t need a degree or to be a professional editor. You should be an avid reader (particularly of romance and mystery) and able to identify issues in fiction writing. You also should have MS Word and know how to use track changes to let me know your feedback (i.e. add comments).

How does beta reading work?

It’s easy to be a beta reader:

  1. Sign up below. This form will put you on a list to receive information about books I need help with.
  2. When I have book ready for beta reading, I’ll send a note out telling you about it.
  3. If you can read the book and have feedback to me within two weeks, let me know and I’ll send you the book.
  4. Once you’ve read the book, email me your thoughts, feedback, concerns, etc.
  5. When the book is ready to publish, I’ll send another email out asking you to review the book on Amazon (or other ebook retailers).

Here’s a few things to know about the books you’ll receive:

  • Books will be sent digitally via email.
  • Books will be free for you to read, but cannot be shared with others.
  • Books will NOT be final drafts. They will likely have some errors or other needed changes. (Hence why I need your feedback!)
  • Books may or may not have a cover by the time I’m requesting a beta read.

Here’s a few things I ask in return:

  • Read and provide feedback of the book within 14 days of receipt. (I’ll email prior to sending the book so you can indicate whether or not you’ll have time to beta read at that time.)
  • Provide feedback such as highlighting issues with continuity, flow, characterization, and anything else that you feel might be missing or that takes away from the story.
  • Just prior to official publication of the book, post a review on Amazon and/or Goodreads. (I’ll email you with book launch info so you know when to post).

If you’re ready to be a beta reader, use the form below:

Note that requests for beta reads happen only when I’m nearing completion of a book, which happens two or three times a year. I may or may not have a need for beta readers at this time. By signing up below, you’ll be on the list to receive notification when the need for beta readers arises.