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Thankless in Death
Thankless in Death by J.D. Robb
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You’d think after 30-something books, Eve and Rourke’s story would be old, but JD Robb continues to mix things up. While some reviewers don’t like the villain’s POV in “Thankless in Death,” I think it serves a purpose.

At first the killer murders on impulse, but that first kill drives him to kill more. Because he doesn’t have a developed M.O., it takes Eve awhile to figure him out. At first, she see believes the murder was done in the heat of the moment and doesn’t warn his acquaintances. When the killer’s former girlfriend is murdered, Eve feels guilt and realizes the killer has developed taste for murder. The only problem is that the killer has a long list of people he feels did him wrong and Eve has to decide who’s next on the list.

Along with a murder investigation, Eve’s professional and personal life move forward as well. She’s offered a promotion, she and Rourke earn awards and Rourke’s family shows up for Thanksgiving. Like all her stories, the motive behind the murder plays into her private life, which in this case is why she and Rourke came out okay after having terrible upbringings, but their murderer had loving parents and he’s a complete narcissist and psychopath.

My only beef with the book is the physical altercation between Eve and Rourke. Despite their passionate dispositions, I don’t feel they need to engage in physical wranglings at this point in their marriage.

Overall, I enjoyed this book and am looking forward to the next.

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