Review: Whiskey Beach

Whiskey Beach
Whiskey Beach by Nora Roberts
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

As Nora Roberts books go, this was pretty good. I like how different Eli was from many of her other male protagonists. In the beginning, he was broken mentally and physically. I could never get used to the name Abra, but she was a fun character, as well. The story involves Eli, whose estranged wife was murdered a year earlier. While there’s not enough evidence to arrest him, many, including the lead detective on the case, believe he did it. He returns to his grandmother’s home in Whiskey Beach for respite and to care for the home while his grandmother is recuperating from a fall. There he meets, Abra, a Jane-of-all-trades who nurtures him back to health by feeding him, challenging him and of course, falling in love with him. The mystery is pretty good, with a little twist right when you think you’ve got it solved.

As a writer, I wish I had a place like Whiskey Beach, although I’d want it in Hawaii or somewhere warm all year long.

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