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worth the risk

 Worth the Risk was written as a prequel to Endangered, telling the story of how Max and Madeleine Delecoeur met and fell in love. I always liked the story, but felt I’d rushed it a bit, so I decided to expand it.

Recently, I’ve been reading and listening to audio romance books told in first person by both protagonists, and I decided I wanted to try that for Max and Madeleine.

The process of making the POV change takes longer than you might think, and so I decided to post the story in bit on Wattpad. You can read it free there.

Worth the Risk

There isn’t a woman in the world who wouldn’t want to get up close and personal with sexy, self-made millionaire bachelor, Max Delecoeur. Everyone woman except me. I know all too well about men like Max; rich, arrogant and willing to do anything and hurt anyone to achieve profits.

I’ll admit, initially I was amused at Madeleine Hainsworth’s dislike of me, until she accused me of business practices that involve child labor. Growing up in foster care, I’ve spent a good amount of my time and wealth on improving the plight of children.

Together, Max and Madeleine put their lives in danger as they trek through the jungle to expose child labor abuse, but as attraction and respect draw them together, will a chance at love be worth the risk?

When you’re done…do you want to read the next part of the adventure?

Get the next Max and Madeleine story, Endangered, for free as well. Click here for details.

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