2015 NaNoWriMo Winner

NaNoWriMo Winner 2014I did it! I passed the 50,000 word mark on November 23, 2014, seven days before the 30th deadline and 3 days before my scheduled deadline.

For me the challenge of NaNoWriMo isn’t in the time it takes to type 50,000 words, it’s in knowing what to write. Fortunately, once I got started on this story, the fifth book in the Valentine series, the words flowed. And they’re still flowing. Like most of my other books, this book will probably be around 65,000 words, so there is more to go. And once I’ve finished the draft, I’ll need to flesh things out, revise and edit.

There are a few things different in this book than the previous Valentine books, the biggest being that I’ve included Daniel and Kate’s point of views in the story, as well as Jack and Tess’. I’m hoping it doesn’t get confusing. For the most part, I stick with Jack or Tess’ POV if they’re in the scene, so that should make it easy to keep track.

What’s the same is Jack and Tess’ banter, new lingerie and chocolate recipes, and a visit with Cora!

My goal is to have the book ready for publishing by February (Valentine’s day!), which isn’t that far away. So I’ll continue to be busy writing this holiday season. Fortunately, I love spending time with Tess and Jack and the crew!

Ten Commandments of Writing


I’m nearing the end of NaNoWriMo with less than 13,000 words to go to reach the 50,000 mark in the fifth Valentine book. I’m psyched at how easy it’s been and yet, I feel like at anytime I’ll get stuck. I know whodunnit, but I haven’t determined the clues that give it away yet. Even so, one thing I often forget  is that the more I write, the more inspired and creative I am. It’s true that the muse doesn’t show up first. I have to show up first and trust that the muse will show up…and she nearly always does.  In fact, I’ve learned many rules through NaNoWriMo and the process of getting published. Here are the 10 Commandments I believe are crucial to writing success.

1. You shall write daily.

2. You shall not steal other people’s words.

3. You shall honor your talent by believing in it.

4. You shall write what you love.

5. You shall edit… a lot.

6. You shalt not be hindered by rejection.

7.  You shall show gratitude towards those who support your writing.

8. You shall honor your craft by reading.

9. You shall not express envy toward other writers.

10. You shall always be learning about your craft.

NaNoWriMo and Valentine Book Five

NaNoWriMo 2014What do National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) and the Valentines have in common? I’ll be writing the draft of the fifth Valentine book for NaNaoWrimo, that’s what! In it we’ll see what happens between Daniel and Kate … if anything … and learn about secrets in Daniel’s past that even Tess doesn’t know about. Plus we may learn the truth about Jack’s father and of course, Jack and Tess will do what they do best… if you know what I mean.

I want to thank all of you who love Jack and Tess and enjoy their stories. I have many more planned!

In other news, I just sent an email to an agent for help in selling a manuscript that has been sitting with an editor for 20 months. I guess it shows just how patient I can be. I have a Delecoeur novella submitted to an e-publisher that I hope to hear back on within the next month or so.

I’m also working on something entirely new, which I think will fit into the New Adult category. It involves vampires, but I’m working on a new take and am researching real-vampire lore (if “real” is the right word) to create their history.

Review: Festive in Death

Festive in Death
Festive in Death by J.D. Robb

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I have read every In Death book and novella, and continue to enjoy them. With that said, some books are better than others. Now that Eve and Roarke have been married for a few years, much of the angst that spiced up the books is gone, which makes the books feel a little flat. With that said, I really enjoyed Festive in Death, not so much because of the mystery, which was pretty good, but because we got more of Eve in the real world.

Growing up the way she did, Eve struggles with social norms, which she calls “rules”, such as marriage rules or friendship rules. It was fun to see her better navigate present buying and hosting a party than she had in previous books, although it still caused her a lot of stress. She’d rather be dealing with a dead body than be dressed up and schmoozing.

She made a deal with Sommerset that required her to help in the pre-party preparations, which allowed us to see doing everyday home stuff…at least more every day for someone married to the ultra-rich Roarke.

I loved the present exchange between her and Roarke, again seeing them at home together, without murder necessarily being in the mix.

The murder was well done as well, better than in a few of the previous books. Often it’s easy to know and even Eve figures out the murderer early in the books, which really makes the books about how she proves it. But Festive in Death had a nice little twist, just when we were sure she had the right guy.

Overall, I enjoyed the book and love being able to stay with Eve, Roarke and the rest of the crew over so many years and books (nearly 40 books). However, I do think that Robb will need to pick up the angst in the next book(s) a little bit. Perhaps by bringing murder a little closer to her inner circle.

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5 Factoids about Old Flames Never Die

I did 5 factoids about Deadly Valentine and thought I’d do the same for Old Flames Never Die, book two in the Valentine series. While I wanted to share interesting stuff, I also didn’t want to give away any plot details to avoid any spoilers. Those of you who have read the book, will understand all the factoids.

One fact I left out was that Old Flames Never Die was my first successful attempt at writing 50,000 words for NANORIMO. Of course, it went through many edits after that, but I got the complete draft in one month.

WARNING: Explicit Content
The Delecoeur stories are adventures featuring a romantic couple who sometimes do what people in love do. Part of this story maybe be considered adult content, so if you are not of legal age or are easily offended, you should click the exit button.