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delecournovellasMeet the Delecoeurs…

In Worth the Risk, Max and Madeleine meet, but it’s not love at first site. There isn’t a woman in the world who wouldn’t want to get up close and personal with sexy, self-made millionaire bachelor, Max Delecoeur, except Madeleine Hainsworth. Madeleine knows all about men like Max; rich, arrogant and willing to do anything and hurt anyone to achieve profits.

Together they put their lives in danger as they trek through the jungle to expose child labor abuse, but as attraction and respect draw them together, will a chance at love be worth the risk?

In Endangered, Max and Madeleine are enjoying wedded bliss, that is until someone sets out to kill Madeleine. Is it the money-manager suspected of embezzling money from Madeleine’s wildlife foundation or the young man who threatened her after her speech on conservation? Or is it Max’s former flame who is carrying a secret that could change Max and Madeleine’s happily ever-after?

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